The work of Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW) has always appealed to our firm in that it has been able to withstand the test of time. We honor his influence in our profession with many quotes on this website. While we are familiar with latest design trends, our personal style is to design in a “timeless” fashion to the degree possible. To quote another master architect, Mies Van der Roe, we believe in a “Form Follows Function” approach to design to yield a more architecturally honest building. Further, his other famous idiom, “Less is More” does reflect a more Zen and minimalist feel to design, absent superfluous details. We strongly feel that it is in the details of a building’s design, however, that keep it from being sterile, that allow it to both engage and relate to its users and the environment. We also truly believe that the design process should not be dictated by the just architect but rather orchestrated in a manner that is a derivative of the collective vision of the “team” including the Owner, Consultants, the Builder and the Manager, hence our quote, “Architecture from a different point of view”.

The design of a building is quite complex and based upon a myriad of factors starting with the site, municipal zoning requirements, building codes, vehicular access and circulation, pedestrian circulation to and through the building, Owner goals and requirements, financial parameters, constructability requirements, building management considerations and then of course, the aesthetics. We strive to create unique and cost effective design solutions in a collaborative manner that embodies the value added input of all the stakeholders so that the end result, total, is truly “greater than the sum of its parts”. We believe and promote sustainability of building design so that our buildings our not only energy efficient, but are also conscious in the use of both labor and materials in an efficient manner. Finally, we endeavor to use our design palette, the materials of a building, in an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious composition that articulates each material with plane changes to break down the scale of a building, create depth with shadow, and with the details, further establish a rhythm and proportion in the design.


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